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Denver Piano Movers is experienced in moving pianos, organs, and similar instruments of all sizes and ages. We are licensed and insured, and know what is involved with moving such an expensive or sentimental item that can very easily be damaged when the moving crew does not know what they are getting into. Pianos are heavy, bulky, and fragile. It takes experience to move them safely, and without costly mistakes.

Regardless of the type of piano, whether a smaller spinet worth hundreds or a 11 foot concert grand costing upwards of $1,000,000 dollars, Denver Piano Movers knows what has to be done and how to do it to make sure the instrument arrives intact. Equally important, the location the piano came out of and is going into needs to remain intact as well. Pianos by nature and size do not do through doorways, across floors, or down halls easily. They are often too tall to go through many doorframes. Add thresholds and steps to an equation with 1,000 pounds of weight attached to it, and anything less than highly experienced movers is not recommended.

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There is probably no instrument that is more personal but more public than a piano. Anyone who plays, or has longed to, cannot help but brush the keys of an open cover when you walk by. The soft tinkle of the keys brings back memories, and creates new ones, for so many people. That is why when you need a piano moved, it is emotionally stressful, because it is as if you were moving a friend.


Denver piano movers need to be experienced, not the buddies

Too many people turn to their friends and buddies to get a piano moved, and often it ends in unhappiness. Either someone gets hurt trying to move the heavy, awkward object that is fragile, or the piano suffers damage. At the least, you have less friends or those who swear to never call them again to help you move anything, especially the piano.

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A few facts about that instrument the piano movers in Denver CO are handling

Many people do not realize just how complicated a piano really is. Most pianos, once you are past spinet upright size, approach or exceed half a ton. They are comprised of over 1,000 parts, many of them under high tension and/or move. Those parts are often made from steel, brass, or more, cast iron or wood, that is brittle, especially under pressure. The soundboard, the major weight in any piano, is generally cast iron. Think of it as a cast iron pancake shaped like a cross section of the piano when it is sitting on its feet. This cast iron plate weighs hundreds of pounds and is fairly thin overall. Cast iron is brittle and can crack or break easily if mishandled, and does not take bounces, bumps, or drops well at all.

Nearly all pianos, even digital versions, have a wooden case made up of various types of hardwoods. The hardwood provides the resonance chamber for the sound produced when the hammer strikes the string when a key is depressed. That wood, due to the extremes in Colorado weather’s damp and dry humidity cycles, tends to dry out and loose oils. That loss makes the wood brittle and subject to cracking, splintering, and breaking. Legs on any piano are the most vulnerable part, as often someone will try and scoot or drag a piano, far too often resulting in a leg breaking off.

The best piano movers Denver CO uses are not the flashiest – they are the most knowledgeable

Denver Piano Movers knows that a piano is delicate and has to be protected. We will arrive with the correct equipment, especially made to move the kind of piano you have that needs moved. After inspecting the piano and noting anything damaged or loose, we will remove the harp, pedals, and music rack. Before moving, the strings and soundboard will be protected and the lid fastened securely. The entire piano will be padded and wrapped, secured, then transferred to the dolly and secured once again. If a grand or spinet style, the legs will be unscrewed and wrapped separate after transferring the body of the instrument to a specially made piano moving board on a dolly adequate to support the weight. Only then will the piano be moved.
If an upright, whether studio, full, or spinet being moved, it is important to see where the legs are going. Often legs on an upright are integral to the bottom of the piano, or are made so they cannot be removed. They, too, are fragile and easy to damage. Uprights are also notoriously top heavy and tip very easily, resulting in damage to the piano, whatever it tips into, or the person trying to save it. That is why Denver Piano Movers uses specially constructed boards to help stabilize uprights and protect the legs from damage.

A piano mover Denver utilizes has to know the climate and the terrain

Besides drying from the lack of humidity, weather plays another part in moving a piano successfully in the Denver region. Pianos can be subject to thermal shock. Our weather can change by many degrees in less than an hour, from nice and warm to very cold and vice versa. Keyboards on a piano are especially vulnerable, and cast iron soundboards when the piano is coming out of a totally cold area into a warm one can be damaged. Expansion and contraction are real issues, as are rain conditions. A quality piano mover in Denver will always check the forecast and plan accordingly.
Another factor in moving a piano in the Denver area is our terrain. This includes what is between where the piano is coming out of and where it is going. Since most pianos weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds, having a sturdy solid surface that will not crack or rut out immediately is important to have a successful transfer. We know that the ground or surface can make a big difference in how safely an instrument is moved from place to place. We take every precaution to protect floors of any kind from damage when moving the piano inside, and we take every precaution to protect the piano from damage a rough, uneven or soft surface can cause outside.

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Piano moving Denver needs is for a variety of different instruments, each with their own special moving challenges

With our rich area heritage, we are honored to move a lot of different kinds of instruments in this area, some of them historical, heirloom, or downright unusual. This area of Colorado saw many settlers passed through and split off into different directions heading west. When they arrived, they realized just how difficult the Rockies were going to be to cross, and often a prized piano got left behind. Denver Piano Movers has experience moving grand pianos, concert grand pianos, parlor grand pianos (many of which are antiques, inlaid, or made of exotic case materials), uprights, spinets, theatre organs, nickelodeons, jukeboxes, and just about anything in between that you can make music on or with.
We are experienced in how to prepare, protect, and transport each type of instrument given its individual needs. For example, most people do not know there is a specific side a grand piano must be transported on – the lower cleft on keyboard side. The instrument is heavier on that side due to the heavier strings and soundboard and must be moved with that side down to prevent the soundboard breaking the mounts holding it in place.

A good piano mover Denver CO uses has specialized equipment needed to do the job right

A qualified piano mover not only uses special dollies and specially constructed boards to move the piano, they should use wrapping materials that will not damage the finish on your piano body or pedals. Many pianos are finished to a near glass finish, and any mar or mark will show. It is very difficult if not impossible without refinishing to repair that kind of damage, so preventing it is tantamount. Denver Piano Movers uses the appropriate materials that will protect your instrument inside and out.

As the leading piano movers in Denver, we always provide thorough, free quotes

When you contact us for a piano or organ move, we will provide you a free quotation. We will ask a lot of question such as doorways, hallways, corners the instrument has to turn, and the overall size and condition of the instrument. We may come out and walk the location ahead of time if we feel it is best to do so. We know how important your piano is to you, your family, your institution, your job, and we want moving it to be as professional and stress free as possible. Contact Denver Piano Movers and you will be pleased with the way a professional, experienced piano mover moves Denver’s pianos.

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