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Grand that is. A baby grand piano is a fine instrument that is usually found in a private home. There may be a true music lover in the house or an aspiring Beethoven or Elton John that makes the cost of this upscale household fine instrument worth the extra price. Moving a baby grand is not a job for amateurs, though.

At just under five feet or a bit shorter end to end, a baby grand still weighs upwards to a thousand pounds for a traditional soundboard instrument and 250 pounds plus for a digital version. Either one has up to 1,000 moving parts, plus electronics, amplification, and other delicate instrumentation in the case of an electric baby grand. It is very easy when moving a baby grand piano to jostle something out of place or worse, damage the case of the instrument in the process.

Baby grand pianos in Denver have to tolerate a lot with our variable weather. Dry conditions tend to remove moisture from cases, generally made from several varieties of hardwoods. Drying out makes the case brittle and can cause separation in joints that may not be easily noticeable. You want your piano to arrive safely, in one piece, with everything operational at the end of the move.

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Experienced Piano Movers in Denver CO will do a number of things to insure a safe move

When a professional piano mover like Denver Piano Movers moves your fine instrument, a number of things are taken into account and done. When you get your free quote, the first thing that the estimator will ask is the length of the piano, the size of your doorways, how far does it have to go, are there steps or high thresholds, the type of flooring it will transverse, how narrow are your hallways, and how tight are any corners it has to navigate. All these questions are necessary as a baby grand does not bend. There must be clearance and turning radius that it can get through without damaging either the piano or your location.

The piano will be inspected and any issues noted prior to it being packed to move. The harp, pedals, and music rack will be removed first, if possible. The soundboard and strings probably will be padded and the lid fastened shut in a way that will not harm the finish on the piano. The piano will then be lifted and turned, not pivoted, onto a special piano dolly after being well padded. The legs will be removed and wrapped. Then the piano will be well strapped to the piano dolly and transport will begin.
In the event your space does not allow the removal of legs when the piano is turned on its side, the piano will have to be supported as they are removed in place. Sometimes on old pianos the legs were not removed by a refinisher, or are pegged into place. That makes the move much more difficult to achieve without damage, as either spider dollies have to be placed under the feet of the piano and it moved while standing, a very dangerous process for the health of the piano, or turned and moved with legs in place, making navigation very challenging.

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