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When a grand piano is mentioned, most people have a vision of the big, black, shiny piano sitting on a stage in a concert hall, waiting for the special someone who knows how to get the most out of the keys of such a tremendous instrument. More and more as homes grow in size, though, grand pianos are appearing in people’s residences or clubhouses as their family both young and old pursue lessons and personal pleasure.

A substantial investment for any home or institution, a grand piano is truly a work of art. Made of various hardwoods, cast iron, brass, steel, and other materials, a grand piano is a highly complex and delicate machine that can last many decades if taken care of correctly. They are sensitive to climatic changes, moving, and sometimes just go out of tune due to the tension created on the strings versus soundboard and other parts.

When you need to have a grand piano moved, it is not a job whatsoever for the guys that hike together. Grand pianos take special equipment to be moved safely and properly to insure they arrive where they are going in one piece and intact.

Denver Piano Movers has been moving pianos and organs for many years, and has a highly experienced staff who know how to deal with all sorts of challenges moving such a large instrument can pose. Due to the length and breadth of the case, moving a grand piano is extra difficult if there are any turns, doorways, or stairs that have to be traversed, as they usually weigh well over 1,000 pounds and are over 6’ to greater in length and nearly that wide. Only an experienced mover that has the equipment and knows exactly what to do to safely move your instrument should be hired.

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Climate and terrain are challenges experienced piano movers Denver CO uses recognize

With Denver’s variable and extreme climate, pianos have a challenge if extra steps are not taken to insure they do not dry out. Lack of humidity leads to loss of humidity and oils in the hardwoods the piano case and keys are made of, and moving a piano the size of a grand can lead to cracks, breaks, splits, and splinters. This is especially true of the leg spindles, delicate stands on which all that weight rests. Legs should always be removed during a move if at all possible. Sometimes it is not, especially in older pianos, due to finishing and seizure due to age. The harp, pedals, music rack if present, and any lighting attachments or sound pickups also need to be removed.
One very important thing is the strings and soundboard need protected in a move. An experienced piano moving company in Denver will make sure they are padded without placing pressure on them, as strings can and do break. The strings are under tremendous pressure, and can cause damage to other things inside the piano including the finish if not protected. Usually strings snap as a result of how the main body of the piano is turned on to the piano board and fastened for moving.

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