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Moving any piano is a formidable task, but when you start looking into the move for a medium grand piano, you are looking at a major job for specialists. A medium grand, a grand piano common to smaller concert hall venues and most homes large enough to house a grand, is 5’ – 5’ 6” long and weighs close to a half-ton. A substantial investment, this impressive instrument is often purchased in lieu of a baby grand due to the improved sound quality heard in the richer, deeper tones.
When you are facing a move with this kind of quality instrument, you want a real piano moving company, not a mover who claims to know how to move a piano. There is a huge difference in what you will get for quality of work and the care your medium grand piano receives, as the weight and large size of this instrument requires special heavy duty equipment and a team who knows how to dismantle, wrap, fasten, turn, and move a piano of this size without damage to the case, soundboard, strings, or other parts.

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Piano Moving Denver style has some additional location challenges

While piano soundboards are most often cast iron, and are not usually affected by climate, the rest of your piano is a combination of various hardwoods, brass, and other materials. Up to 1,000 separate parts go into your medium grand piano, and none of them are made to be jostled around, let alone bounced, tipped harshly, or otherwise handled in any rough manner. Even as much care as we take with your fine instrument here at Denver Piano Movers, we always suggest your piano tuner be scheduled for a visit immediately after a move.
The issue in the greater Denver area regarding climate are our extreme weather conditions, especially when it comes to humidity. Dry air is not friendly to fine wood, even when sealed properly. This is especially true for older, heirloom pianos that may have cases made from fine rosewood or ebony. Years of being in one place on spindly legs with dry air flowing constantly around the case tends to dry out the wood case, keys, and parts. Wood looses oils and gets brittle. Any amount of movement against any direction of grain can cause fine wood that is hyper dry to split, crack, or splinter. Lack of humidity, whether from dry summer conditions or winter heating can cause challenges. We suggest speaking with your piano tuner to see if a small humidifier would be a good idea for your heirloom piano.
When you need to have a medium grand piano moved to a new home in the Denver area, call Denver Piano Movers for a free quote. We will ask some questions to learn about thresholds, stairs, doorways and turns the piano needs to be negotiated through. We will also check on weather conditions, and inspect your piano for any areas of damage, particularly heirloom pianos for wood beetle damage. We want your medium grand piano to arrive safely and healthy to its new home so it can be enjoyed for many more years to come.

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