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There are some really interesting old pianos hanging around the Colorado Rockies, well more than nearly any other location in the United States. The reason is the Colorado Gold Rush. Later than some areas in the Lower 48 that had a huge influx of wealth seekers, Colorado was also on the trail for many settlers heading to the American West. Those who did not move by ship around the Horn into San Francisco harbor had to go by land, especially prior to the Transcontinental Railroad completion.

These travelers and miners, sometimes with families in tow, came by prairie schooner or Conestoga wagon for the most part. They came with everything that was important to them, and often, that included a piano. Pianos were central to family life, religious participation, and a young lady’s education in those days. There were even traveling preachers who hauled a wagon with a piano on it between their ever-changing route to preach. (We have oft wondered just how out of tune those pianos were when they got to the next stop!)

If you have ever been the Mile High City, you know that it actually is pretty flat where Denver sits. Just west of there, though, well, that is another story. Having been on the trail for nearly a year in many cases, seeing those majestic but imposing mountains made one rethink if you were going on, and if you did, what really had to go. The thought of hauling a many hundred pound piano up those steep crags had a way of making you say goodbye to that old ivory keyed family friend.

Thus, many fine pianos that had been lovingly and carefully hauled all the way in some cases from the East Coast ended up on the east side of the Rockies. They found homes in private homes, saloons, dance halls, schools, churches, brothels, you name it, just about anywhere that had room for a piano.

Some of those were parlor grands, a very stubby version of a grand piano that were high society for sitting parlors. Parlors were a receiving room of sorts where the fancy ladies had tea and where your daughter took suitors trying to win her hand. Many of those parlor grands were rosewood, ebony, or exotic hardwoods with inlaid marquetry and mother of pearl. Many of them are still around, east of or in the Rockies, and we are the beneficiaries.

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Of all the piano movers Denver CO has, few will move an old parlor grand

And for good reason, as they are notorious for being dry and brittle due to our extreme climate conditions in the high plateau and mountains. Old parlor grands tend to be very fragile and easy to damage, sometimes beyond repair. That is why when you have a historical piano like a parlor grand, or a family heirloom, you need to contact Denver Piano Movers for a free quote. We are experienced and we know how fussy an old, antique, historically significant parlor grand can be. We know how to correctly dismantle them, pad, protect, and gently move them to their new home, even if it is through passes, tunnels, and windy two lane mountain roads during a snowstorm. We are licensed and insured, and we know what we are doing.
Let us help you with a piece of Colorado history and move your parlor grand piano. You will be pleased you let a true professional that understands antique pianos come to your rescue.

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