If you have ever tried to budge a player piano, you know it should really be called extreme piano moving. Player pianos nearly all weigh well over a thousand pounds due to the brass, steel, and sometimes iron player parts inside the piano, on top of the cast iron soundboard. Trying to move one is a six man job, on a good day, with abs.

Most piano movers Denver lists do not know how to safely move a Player Piano

Besides being absolutely dead weight with few to no handholds to grab, most player pianos are built into old-fashioned full upright pianos that by nature are top and back heavy. The player parts add to that top-heavy pivot point. Many uprights have legs that are not always removable, either, making the move a lot more challenging so the legs do not break off.

An experienced piano mover that knows how to move a player uses what is called a long- board dolly capable of handling the weight. The dolly is padded to stabilize the piano, and a board that acts as a brace with stops to hold the piano upright and more stable is placed on the longboard. This allows the piano to easily be moved, including over thresholds. It is still necessary to cover and protect or support any flooring the player piano will be moved across, as it is very easy to crack tile or pavers that it is rolled across due to the weight.

A player piano, like any piano, operates with hammers that strike keys. It is important that once your piano is moved to have the mechanism checked and the piano tuned. We suggest that you schedule this visit from your player piano qualified tuner as soon as possible after the move so you can enjoy your instrument once it is installed in your new location.

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Piano movers Denver CO customers call are often told to leave or discard a player piano rather than relocate it

That usually occurs because they are afraid to move one, or have had a very bad experience resulting in a claim. Player pianos, while heavy and having more moving parts that can jostle loose, can be safely moved and even often repaired when you find a good tuner who knows how to rebuild one. Since there are so many historical pianos located in Colorado, it is actually easier here to get this special instrument back to playing order than in most places, and paper rolls are still available for purchase and copper rolls can be found in auctions. We can move your piano safely and efficiently, and a fine old instrument can be salvaged and restored.

Our quotes for moving a player piano are free. We will ask questions about things like stairs and steps, landings, distance to move, types of flooring, doorways, and if there is a paved driveway or solid surface to move it from the home to our company truck. We will also ask this information, as well as turns the instrument might have to maneuver, regarding where it is being moved to. We want to come prepared with the correct equipment to make moving your piano look efficient and easy, even though moving it is a challenge for most companies.

Give Denver Piano Movers a call when you need this kind of extreme piano move done. We also take care of organs and historical commercial player instruments that occasion some of the historical restaurants and saloons in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. We are experienced, insured, and licensed, and will take care of your player piano with ease.

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