When you get ready to move and ask your friends to help, do they ask if the piano is getting moved?

If that happens to you, contact a professional piano mover that greater Denver knows and trusts, Denver Piano Movers. We are experienced and know exactly how to deal with the heaviest thing in your house that has to go to the new place.

Not all piano movers Denver calls are equal

Just like not all your friends are usually the same level of help, not all piano movers do the same job to make sure your piano arrives in good condition.

Often household moves that have a piano as part of the furnishings have some sort of upright, whether it is a spinet, the smallest, or a full upright, the tallest. Generally speaking, the taller an upright, usually the older, and the older, generally the heavier your piano. Getting a couple of buddies to help you move a piano is not the best idea generally, as a full upright can weigh in excess of 800 pounds and it is pure dead weight. There are handholds or handles on the back of upright pianos to help move it – two of them. That leaves nothing to grab onto for your other hand or that of your buddy on the other end or the four hands helping with nowhere to hang on. Slips and drops end up being damage, either to the piano or humans.

A professional piano moving company such as Denver Piano Movers has special equipment made just to move pianos. Since upright pianos are top and back heavy, it is very easy to flip them off a standard moving dolly. Trust us, the very last thing you want to contend with is an upright piano stuck sideways in a hallway where someone did not fasten it properly. Sadly, we have had to rescue pianos from places they did not belong when “the buddies” tried to move one, and often the piano received damage in the process, as well as what it landed on or hit.

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When piano moving Denver and area, trust your instrument to professionals that get the job done right

Denver Piano Movers will give you a free quote for moving your piano safely, saving injury to the piano and to those trying to budge the 800# beast. We use special equipment and heavy strapping fully padded so the finish on your piano is not damaged. We know how to contend with stairs, corners, doorways, thresholds, and other obstacles to a smooth transfer.

Once in place, we will check your piano to make sure it arrived safely. This is especially important in older pianos, family pieces, as wood in Colorado dries out. It is easy for the case to crack, a leg to get broken off, or the soundboard crack during a move if the piano mover is not as experienced as they need to be. Even as careful as we are, we always suggest you schedule with your piano tuner after the move, as pianos are delicate and easily go out of tune due to the jostling during the transition.

Let a real piano mover Denver relies on move your upright piano. Your friends will be relieved, and so will your piano.

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